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Structure of the Pásztó Life Program


Action A: Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans. Landowners of the area who have shares in the common property and who are interested in the management of the area will be organised to set up a board of landowners and be represented in it. NIMFEA which has good communication and reputation in the area will approach all landowners about their interest in a joint management and will organise the interested but inactive landowners (shareholders) to elect a board. With the planned land purchase (ActionB1) project partners would have enough shares to influence the site management within the board to secure the nature conservation interest.


Preparing management plan of HUHN20148 Pásztói-legelő


Action B: Purchase/lease of land and/or compensation payments for use rights. In connection with Action A, about 35 ha land will be purchased by the Tiszatáj Public Foundation which has lot of experience in land purchase.



Action C:Concrete conservation actions, like renovation of the existing animal husbandry farm, procurement of livestock, establishing nature friendly water management of the area and easy access for the livestock across the site, establishment of sustainable extensive grassland management, establishing Land Stewardship Advisory Service, elimination of the invasive species.



Action D: Public awareness and dissemination of results: Design and operate project web site, erecting information signs at project site, film making for the general public about the natural values of the area, the work of the projects and its achievements, production of dissemination materials for visitors i.e. children, students, professionals and general public, Informing the public about the project work and achievements by media, Introduction of natural values of the Natura 2000 site and dissemination of the project’s results in the sites, dissemination of the results on conferences and regional events.



Action E:Overall project operation and monitoring: Technical management of the project, financial management, training of project staff, holding Steering Committee meetings, networking.


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