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Hungarian LIFE Nature program sites

LIFE05 NAT/H/000117
Habitat management on the Pannonian grasslands in Hungary:

LIFE05 NAT/H/000122
Conservation of Falco vespertinus in the Pannonian Region

LIFE04 NAT/HU/000109
Conservation of Otis tarda in Hungary

LIFE04 NAT/HU/000116
Establishing the background of saving the Hungarian meadow viper

LIFE04 NAT/HU/000118
Complex habitat rehabilitation of the Central Bereg Plain, Northeast Hungary

LIFE04 NAT/HU/000119
Grassland restoration and marsh protectin in Egyek-Pusztakócs

LIFE02 NAT/H/008627
Conservation of Aquila heliaca in the Carpathian basin

LIFE02 NAT/H/008630
The practical protection of Angelica palustris habitats

LIFE02 NAT/H/008634
Restoration of pannonic steppes, marshes of Hortobágy National Park

LIFE02 NAT/H/008638
Habitat management of Hortóbagy eco-region for bird protection

LIFE00 NAT/H/007162
Funding the base of long term large carnivore conservation in Hungary
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